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interview by Michael McCarthy I first became aware of Kele Okereke when I read about Bloc Party, the band he’s fronted for roughly a dozen years now, in the British magazine Q in 2005. Immediately after reading about them, I hunted down their debut album, Silent Alarm, and knew I liked it before...
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#songoftheday = AUNI: “THE RIVER”

With all of the different ways to discover new music these days, it's not very hard to find a great song. Finding one so beautiful that it gives you goosebumps, however, can be rather difficult. Well, that's exactly what we have here today with Auni's ethereal...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lily Virginia

by Michael McCarthy If St. Vincent ditched the electronics and simply made her music with live instruments, she would probably sound a lot like Lily Virginia, who’s an equally talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. Other artists Lily reminds me of are Ben Folds – she’s like a female Ben, just using guitar instead of piano –...
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An Exclusive Interview with Christian O

interview by Michael McCarthy “Don’t have much to say,” sings Christian O — a super talented pop/R&B/soul singer/songwriter — at the beginning of “Free,” the first track from his latest EP Shiva’s Dance.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  As the song later goes, “Everyone’s free to be as they wish to be.”...
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interview by Michael McCarthy Born in Australia and currently residing in Nashville, Quinn Lewis is one of today’s most interesting up and coming singer/songwriters. While he originally moved to Nashville to do more traditional songwriter fare, he soon switched gears and now makes exquisitely produced music that blurs the lines between electro-pop and...
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#songoftheday = KT TUNSTALL: “EVIL EYE”

We last heard from singer/songwriter KT Tunstall in the form of her Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon album, which was a haunting and delicate, folky affair. Her latest single, "Evil Eye," is perhaps best described as pop. Irresistible pop that'll surely brighten your day and make...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lyra

by Michael McCarthy In addition to well-established artists, I like to introduce our readers to promising new artists. Today we have an interview with Lyra, an enthusiastic singer/songwriter who got her start at the age of 6 when she began singing at her local church. She wasn’t just a church singer, though. Also...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lou Doillon

interview by Michael McCarthy Although my readers in the States might not be familiar with her, Lou Doillon is a household name in France and has been practically since she was born, being the daughter of Jane Birkin, who’s famous as an actress, solo artist and longtime collaborator with Serge Gainsbourg. Meanwhile, her...
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Lights new album might be entitled Midnight Machines, but it certainly doesn’t sound like machines. Quite the contrary, it’s an acoustic record. Just as she released Siberia Acoustic following her album Siberia, she’s released Midnight Machines as an acoustic companion to Little Machines, hence the title. The album opens with “Up We Go,”...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lena Laki

interview by Michael McCarthy I was recently introduced to the music of London-based singer/songwriter Lena Laki, whose magical music is dreamy folk but with a hint of jazz elegance. Her debut EP, Take Me With, opens with a song called “Another Woman” and it’s easy to imagine Nina Simone singing it back in...
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