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#songoftheday = ELOHIM: “SKINNY LEGS”

Elohim's latest single, "Skinny Legs," might strike you as an abstract, maybe even inaccessible, song the first few times you listen to it. I even wondered if it was too bizarre for me when it first wormed its way inside my ears. That said, I put...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: LYKKE LI: “GUNSHOT”

The sole track on Lykke Li's new album produced by Greg Kurstin, who wrote the song with her, "Gunshot" is easily the catchiest song on the record. "I am longing for your honey / I am longing for your love," Li sings during the bridge and her...
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#songoftheday SIA: “CHANDELIER”

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier,” Sia sings enthusiastically during the massive chorus of her new single, “Chandelier,” which is without a doubt the best song she’s written during the past few years, which have seen her writing songs for a myriad of other artists with her solo career on pause.  We’ll be...
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Ninetails are a three piece band from Liverpool. As for what sort of band they are, well, that’s nearly impossible to say. Their songs are rather mold-breaking and don’t conform to the rules of any genre, so I suppose you could call them avant-garde, but then avant-garde artists tend to be really “out...
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Recently one of my favorite artists, Charlotte Martin, made a post on Facebook about her new album, Water Breaks Stone. I left a comment asking whom I should contact about covering the album for Love is Pop. A fellow fan of Martin’s work, Michael Rider, saw my post and commented to ask if...
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On her fourth solo album, St. Vincent – otherwise known as Annie Clark – has created a lusher, more fully realized take on the pristine pop of her last album, 2011’s Strange Mercy.  This is where heart-swelling melodies meet cool, unflinching beats.  Using two live drummers — Homer Steinweiss of the Dap-Kings and...
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We knew Melanie Martinez was destined for good things after seeing her performances on The Voice, but no one could have predicted that her first official, post-Voice single would be this darn good. What an amazing, artsy pop gem. From the mesmerizing beats to the trippy...
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Instead of hurrying to release a sequel to her relatively mainstream soul-pop debut, Traveling Like The Light, singer/songwriter/producer/model/fashion designer VV Brown actually scrapped her second album, Lollipops & Politics, and left her record label, determined to make an album that was wholly artistic. She subsequently took the time to reinvent herself and come...
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