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To be honest, I’m surprised that I’m really digging Wise Proof’s “More More More More,” since it’s obviously very much in the trap vein and I’ve had just about all the trap I can stomach.  (To me, trap was a cool new sound for about five minutes then it all started sounding the same.) Perhaps it’s because, as Wise Proof describes it, it’s “Trapadelic.”  (Trapadelic is even the name of his EP which this track hails from)  I’d say that makes sense because, to my ears, it’s a spacey, warped take on trap music that makes the listener feel as though you’re floating through space or riding a plane that’s experiencing mild turbulence.  (OK, so that might not sound like fun, but you’re obviously not in any actual danger when you listen to this, which makes it so you can enjoy the ride.)  He also describes his sound as “Dub Hop, Tribal Bass Hop, Dred Bass and Electro Rock Hop.”  Those aren’t terms I would have come up with on my own, but I will say that I can understand why he’s called his sound each of these things.  Beats aside, he’s also a skillful, rapid-fire rapper, so it’s no wonder he’s opened for everyone from Kanye to Massive Attack. I look forward to hearing more from him.

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