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#songoftheday = DASHNI – “LOVE WINS”

“Love wins every time,” sings Kurdish pop star and humanitarian Dashni Morad with a purpose, while heavy beats throb away and the hooks sink their teeth right into you.  Suffice to say, “Love Wins” is one downright irresistible dance pop gem — a veritable breath of fresh pop air — but you’re listening to it right now so you don’t need me to tell you that, right?.  That said, this is a song that deserves talking about, as it is a direct response to President Trump’s travel ban on refugees and migrants.  “Music helped to defeat Apartheid and bring down communism, so Trump really doesn’t stand a chance,” she says.  At home in Iraqi Kurdistan, she is an inspirational feminist figure, a prominent humanitarian and a pop star that makes music that never fails to carry a message.

Dashni started out as a TV presenter on a Kurdish satellite channel. She fronted a hit TV show, through which she became a beloved figure to millions of Kurds around the world, and somewhat of a superstar back in her homeland, later leading to a career in music. Her first single, the female-empowerment themed, ‘Open Your Eyes’ ended up being a huge hit across the Middle East and Europe. Having rocked the establishment and challenged the status quo on issues such as women’s rights, child access to education and environmental protection for over ten years back in her homeland, Dashni is now taking the refugee and migrant fight to the international community.  Cheers to fighting the power!

But, hey, if you disagree with her you’re still welcome to enjoy the song, which does not come across as preachy, in spite of its strong message.

Dashni plans to donate proceeds from the single to Green Kids (

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Published on Mar 6, 2017

‘Love Wins’ is really a personal message to the common people of the world. Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time working with refugees in Kurdistan (northern Iraq), and this has really changed my life and my ambitions. The message is simply that these refugees, particularly refugee children, are in desperate need of the world’s help. And instead of extending a helping hand, so much of the world has decided, through certain political changes or otherwise, to ignore and distance themselves from the problem.

‘Love Wins’ is a song that promotes love, and the notion that love can overcome hate. And although the message is poignant, the song itself is colourful and uplifting. We hope to raise further awareness to the catastrophe, and we hope we make them dance whilst doing it.

Thankyou for watching my music video – and please remember – Love Wins

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