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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: GHOST: MELIORA

Meliora is the third full-length album by Swedish rockers Ghost. The title is the Latin adjective meaning “better,” so it should come as no surprise that this is Ghost’s best album to date. Recently, Ghost unveiled their new frontman Papa Emeritus III, who just so happens to sound like Papa Emeritus II and...
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I could go on and on about how Melanie Martinez should have won her season on The Voice but I’ll simply say this: she was far too talented — as a unique *artist,* not just a singer — to win a show where the singers perform cover songs almost exclusively. At the time,...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: N-A-I-V-E-S – “Horizon”

N-A-I-V-E-S was formed in 2012 when the stars aligned perfectly and all that jazz and Marc Jacc, a super talented multi-instrumentalist and the former singer of the French band Megasushi (Paris, 2006 -2012), met Lapo Frost, a hip Italian producer and bass player (Frost, Fanny Games) who was...
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Since releasing their debut single, "Zoo Fly," back in June, Sydney's Green Buzzard have been lighting up the blogosphere like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, they've received accolades from the likes of The Guardian and NME. Recently, their cover of Tobias Jesso Jr’s "Hollywood"...
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For me, Chelsea Wolfe’s albums have always been more about an overall vibe than specific songs taken individually.  I do prefer certain songs, yes, but within the context of her albums.  They’re not songs I’d necessarily take and put on a playlist.  (They don’t necessarily play well with other artists.)  I have to be...
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  • LONG:D: EP VOL. 1
    LONG:D: EP VOL. 1 Release Date:  11/24/15 Label:  Mirrorball Music LONG:D describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop / ElectronicSoul / Babymakingmusic." I would tend to agree. LONG:D is a duo consisting of 한민세 (Producer, Synth, DJ) and 민샥 (Vocal, Keyboard). They describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop […]
  • D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]
    D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally] Release Date:  11/12/15 Label:  ℗ 2015 (주)에이치메이트 D.HOLIC provide perfect work out music with their contagious new single, "Murphy and Sally." D.Holic's latest single, "머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]" opens with snappy percussion and what sounds like lasers going off in a sci-fi movie. The percussion only grows snappier as […]
  • LEE HONG KI: FM302
    LEE HONG KI: FM302 Release Date:  11/20/15 Label:  FNC Entertainment I was expecting an EP full of ballads after reading the description on Yes Asia but most of the songs are actually catchy pop tracks with only a couple of ballads in the mix. Following nine years in the band FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki is […]
    MONKEY BEATZ: KEEP GOING Release Date:  11/3/15 Label:  YDCT If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit to come out, Monkey Beatz should make you very, very happy in the meantime. If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit album to come out, well, it's apparently been delayed. But if you don't mind listening to […]
  • CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?"
    CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?" Release Date:  11/4/15 Label:  Happy Chii 4TE's Chii makes her solo debut with "WHY DO I?" and it's one of the hottest J-Pop songs in English that we've ever heard. Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I've been very impressed by so […]