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#(mini)K-POPalbumoftheday = TIFFANY: I JUST WANNA DANCE

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has finally gone solo. She’s still in GG, as well as the GG subunit Taetiseo, but now she has her first mini-album under her belt as well. Of course, this isn’t the first solo song we’ve heard from her, as she’s done ballads for soundtracks like Princes Ja Myung Go...
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An Exclusive Interview with Olga Bell

by Michael McCarthy Olga Bell was born in Moscow and lived there until she was seven and her family moved to Alaska, but she was still a teenager when she left Alaska to pursue a career as a pianist, having played since she was a young girl, at the New England Conservatory in...
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More unexpected than Axl, Slash and Duff reuniting in Guns ‘N’ Roses, the original MISFITS lineup members Glenn Danzig (vocals), Jerry Only (bass) and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (guitars) will reunite for first time since 1983 to headline this year’s Riot Fest. Riot Fest will take place in Denver (September 2-4) and Chicago (September 16-18).  No word...
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