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A Conversation with Adam Jensen (Exclusive Interview)

On March 4, 2016  I interviewed Adam Jensen, a Boston native whose debut single, the deliciously dark, alt pop “Sandcastles,” was recently one of our #songoftheday selections. The only other track of his that I’d heard was his forthcoming second single, “Ritual,” which is even more amazing. Normally, I wouldn’t interview someone I’d...
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An Exclusive Interview with Adiam

Interview by Michael McCarthy Sweden’s Adiam makes delicous, dark pop that splits the difference between Lykki Li and Marina and The Diamonds, having the starkness of the former and the insanely catchy beats of the latter. Or perhaps she’s better described as Fiona Apple meets Little Boots, melding Fiona’s tormented and vengeful lyrics...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: ZELOOPERZ: BOTHIC

Detroit rapper ZelooperZ — who was born in the 313 and still resides there — is part of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade.  Interestingly, they connected via Twitter when the 6’7″ ZelooperZ was promoting a mixtape like crazy and Brown took notice.  But before Brown took him into the studio he gave him a proper...
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Exclusive Interview: Naomi Suzuki of AJ Unity Fame

I recently discovered the wonderful music of AJ Unity, a duo consisting of Naomi Suzuki and Philipp Moll, who make music that blends traditional Japanese instruments with shades of pop and new age. It’s very calming music, which I imagine you could meditate to. I’ve found it especially relaxing and perfect to listen...
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#songoftheday = ENTROPIA: “FRACTAL”

What is this we're playing for you today? I'm not quite sure. Well, obviously I know the name of the band is Entropia and the song is called "Fractal," but it's difficult to assign a genre distinction, which is one of the things I love about...
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An Exclusive Interview with HXLT, Formerly Hollywood Holt

HXLT is how Chicago’s eclectic musician Holt is spelling his name these days. The reason why is one of the few things I didn’t think to ask him about, but I imagine it’s to make you wonder how it’s supposed to be said, to get you thinking, to ultimately make you remember it....
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Boy, this one kicks some ass, doesn't it? The video is great, too. It's about a girl running through the forest with a monster following her and hunters following the monster. To say anything more would be to spoil it. Just turn up the...
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#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “SANDCASTLES”

Later this year Boston born Adam Jensen will release an EP and I'm very excited about it after hearing his just released, red hot single, "Sandcastles." It's a pristine blend of thought-provoking alt pop and serious electro that packs gentle acoustic guitars with sonorous beats that stomp...
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Exclusive Interview: Rorie Kelly

by Michael McCarthy all photos by: Bryan Downey except where noted When many people think of indie music, the artists they often think of are artists who are actually on record labels, just small ones outside of the major label scene. Which is entirely cool, of course. Most of my favorite artists are on...
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It’s album number three for London-based garage-pop band Yuck and, thankfully, the third time is a charm here. They financed this one via PledgeMusic and I guess it worked out for them because the album was finished and is now available for your purchase, which I strongly suggest that you do because it’s...
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I loved and still love the first album by Sweden’s Bombus, The Poet and The Parrot. To my ears, it was an instant classic. A mix of old school thrash, modern metal, AC/DC and Motorhead, all thrown together in a pot that produced a spectacular soup. Well, now they’re back with album number three...
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