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Émilie Simon began her career with a self-titled release in 2003. I happened upon it by chance when I was looking for a few new CDs to buy on Amazon France, as I had been a French music junkie since 1997 or so. I had no idea what she was going to sound...
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#albumoftheday LISSIE: CRYIN’ TO YOU

Lissie’s new covers EP was self-produced by Lissie and her band in their home of Ojai, CA. “We were approached to cover “Mother” by Danzig which led to a fun week in the studio that inspired us to lay down some other covers we had either been playing live already or had been...
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We're totally in love with this infectious number at the Love is Pop office this week. They're like a cross between Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys with a dash of Kaiser Chiefs thrown in for good measure. Very good stuff indeed. We love the...
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VIDEO: Florrie – “Free Falling”

OMFG this is gooooooood!!! Seriously though, this is easily our favorite of all the tracks Florrie has released lately. We wish her songs had a bit more lyrically, rather than repeating the same parts over and over again, and we'd like her songs to be a...
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  • HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms]
    HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms] Release Date:  4/7/14 Label:  Loen Music To be honest, I'm on the fence about this one. It's got some nice, soothing strings and IU sounds beautiful as always, and I think the guys sound lovely, too, but the song is missing something. Well, this one caught me by surprise. For a few r […]
    SHOKO NAKAGAWA: 9LIVES Release Date:  4/2/14 Label:  SRCL You might expect an album with songs that were used for so many different things to sound rather unfocused, since many of the songs were created for various different projects, not specifically to go together. But you would be wrong in this case. It's been three and a half years since Shoko' […]
  • Beat Collection Saya Saionji Resin Statue
    Wardrobe malfunction... or intentional mischief? read more […]
    E-GIRLS: DIAMOND ONLY Release Date:  2/26/14 Label:  RZCD E-girls is a Japanese collective girl group, meaning that they are comprised of members of different, smaller girl groups. The gigantic group, which is signed to avex's Rhythm Zone imprint, features every single member of Dream, Happiness, Flower, Bunny (a non-debuted group) and EGD. E-girls is a […]
  • Vividred Operation Akane Isshiki (Pallet Suit) from Medicom
    From the Anime / Manga / Game series Vividred Operation comes Akane Isshiki in her Pallet Suit read more […]