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cd new releases, Tuesday April 15th
AFGHAN WHIGS-Do To The Beast-$9.99
ALSINA, AUGUST-Testimony-$12.88
ALSINA, AUGUST-Testimony-Deluxe-$15.99
BLACK SABBATH-Complete Albums 1970-1978-$44.99
BRAGG, BILLY-Live At The Union Chapel-$15.99
CULT LEADER -Nothing For Us Here-$7.99
DERULO, JASON-Talk Dirty-$9.99
DISCLOSURE-Settle (Deluxe)-$11.88
ELLIPHANT-Look Like You Love It Ep-$3.99
EMMURE-Eternal Enemies-$9.99
GAMMA RAY-Empire Of The Undead-$12.88
GREEN DAY-Demolicious-$18.99
HART, EMERSON-Beauty In Disrepair-$9.99
HOLOPAINEN, TUOMAS-Life And Times Of Scrooge-$11.88
I DECLARE WAR-We Are Violent People By-$9.99
MAYFIELD, JESSICA LEA-Make My Head Sing…-$9.99
MICHAELSON, INGRID-Lights Out-$14.99
NAS -Illmatic Xx (2CD)-$11.88
NEEDTOBREATHE-Rivers In The Wasteland-$9.99
PHAROAHE MONCH-P.T.S.D.-Post Traumatic-$11.88
SECRET SISTERS-Put Your Needle Down-$12.99
SEVENDUST-Time Travelers & Bonfires-$9.99
THEE OH SEES-Drop-$9.99
TRIPTYKON-Melana Chasmata-$11.88
WILSON, DAN-Love Without Fear-$9.99
WINERY DOGS-Winery Dogs Special Edition -$15.99
WOODS-With Light And With Love-$9.99

dvd new releases, Tuesday April 15th

RIDE ALONG-Ride Along-$29.99
SECRET LIFE OF-Walter Mitty-$29.99



    KEN HIRAI FEAT. NAMIE AMURO: GROTESQUE Release Date:  4/2/14 Label:  Sony Music Ken Hirai and Namie Amuro team up for a truly weird but highly addictive new tune... Well, well, well... This "Grotesque" song is an interesting one. A bit weird, even. It starts off with Ken singing over hip-hop-ish/electro beats, the last line of his verse being
  • NS YOON-G: THE WAY 2..
    NS YOON-G: THE WAY 2.. Release Date:  4/3/14 Label:  Loen Entertainment I checked out the video for "Yasisi" ("야시시") and immediately fell in love with it. One of my longtime readers suggested that I check out this mini-album and I'm quite glad because I hadn't heard about it. Well, OK, I *am* subscribed to 1theK's channel o
  • HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms]
    HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms] Release Date:  4/7/14 Label:  Loen Music To be honest, I'm on the fence about this one. It's got some nice, soothing strings and IU sounds beautiful as always, and I think the guys sound lovely, too, but the song is missing something. Well, this one caught me by surprise. For a few r
    SHOKO NAKAGAWA: 9LIVES Release Date:  4/2/14 Label:  SRCL You might expect an album with songs that were used for so many different things to sound rather unfocused, since many of the songs were created for various different projects, not specifically to go together. But you would be wrong in this case. It's been three and a half years since Shoko'
  • Beat Collection Saya Saionji Resin Statue
    Wardrobe malfunction... or intentional mischief? read more