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BJORK-Vulnicura Strings-$12.88
CHRISTMAS, MICHAEL-What A Weird Day-$14.99
CIRCLES AROUND THE SUN-Interludes For Dead-$17.99
CULTURE KILLER-Throes Of Mankind-$12.88
FLAMING LIPS-Heady Nuggs: 20 Yrs-$19.99
GOO GOO DOLLS-A Boy Named Goo (20th Anniversary)-$9.99
JADAKISS-Top 5 Dead Or Alive-$17.99
JETHRO TULL-Too Old To Rock’n’roll-$12.88
JETHRO TULL-Too Old To Rock’n’roll(2CD/2DVD)-$29.99
KING DIAMOND-Spider’s Lullabye – 2015-$13.88
LEFTOVER CRACK-Constructs Of The State-$12.88
S.O.D.-Speak English Or Die (30th Anniversary Edition)-$12.88
SEGALL, TY-Ty Rex-$9.99
SUPERGRASS-I Should Coco/20th Anniversary edition)-$21.99
TECH N9NE COLLABOS-Strangeulation II-Deluxe-$25.99
TOWNSEND, DEVIN-Ziltoid Live At Royal Albert Hall-$21.99
VISION OF DISORDER-Razed To The Ground-$11.88
WAGE WAR-Blueprints-$12.88
WHO-Live: Hyde Park (2CD+DVD)-$26.99
ZAPPA, DWEEZIL-Via Zammata’-$12.88
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BECK, JEFF-Performing This Week (3lp)-$34.99

BIG STAR-Jesus Christ (Blue/10″)-$19.99
BUCKLEY, JEFF-Everday People-$9.99
CARDIGANS-Long Gone Before Daylight-$27.99
CASH, JOHNNY -Original Sun Sound (Pink)-$27.99
CASH, JOHNNY-Man In Black: Live Denmark-$31.99
CASH, JOHNNY-Live From Austin, TX (Gry Mrbl)-$21.99
CIRCLES AROUND THE SUN-Interludes For Dead (2lp)-$37.99
COBAIN, KURT-And I Love Her/Sappy-$12.99
DAVE MATTHEWS BAND- Live Trax Vol.5 (4lp/Pink)-$89.99
DEERHOOF-Fever 121614 (Red)-$19.99
EAZY-E-Merry Muthafuckin X-Mas-$11.99
FELT-Felt 2: Tribute-Lisa Bonet-$44.99
FINN, NEIL/KELLEY, PAUL-Goin’ Your Way (Yellow)-$19.99
GANG OF FOUR-Songs Of The Free (Splatter)-$23.99
GARBAGE-Garbage: 20th Anniversary (2lp/Pink)-$47.99
GET UP KIDS-Red Letter Day (10″)-$14.99
GRAY, DAVID-Thousand Miles Behind (2lp)-$28.99
GREEN DAY-American Idiot (2lp)-$32.99
HEFTI, NEAL-Batman Theme/Batusi (Yellow)-$12.99
HENDRIX, JIMI-Burning Desire (2lp)-$39.99
HOOKER, JOHN LEE-Two Sides Of John Lee Hooker-$19.99
HOWLIN’ WOLF-London Howlin’ Wolf Session-$33.99
JESUS & MARY CHAIN-Barbed Wire Kiss (2lp/Red)-$35.99
JOPLIN, JANIS- Pearl (Purple Vinyl/180g)-$27.99
JOPLIN, JANIS/BIG BROTHER-Live At Winterland’68-$35.99
JUDAS PRIEST-Painkiller (10″/Sawblade)-$22.99
KING, B.B.-Thrill Is Gone (10″)-$15.99
KINKS-Dedicated Kinks-$11.99
KINKS-Kwyet Kinks-$11.99
LEWIS, JERRY LEE-Jerry Lee Lewis (Silver)-$23.99
LUSH-Ciao! Best Of (2lp/Red)-$29.99
MALKOVICH, JOHN/ALEXA-Like A Puppet Show (Pic)-$45.99
MCCARTNEY, PAUL-Say Say Say-$11.99
MEGADETH-Threat Is Real-$13.99
MGMT -Time To Pretend-$33.99
MIGHTY BOSSTONES-Live: Middle East (2lp/Color)-$33.99
MONTGOMERY, WES-One Night In Indy-$24.99
NINE INCH NAILS-Halo I-IV (Lp/4-12)-$74.99
OUTKAST-Stankonia (2lp/Splatter)-$31.99
PARQUET COURTS-Monastic Living Ep-$17.99
PERKINS, CARL-Dance Album (Blue)-$24.99
PHARCYDE-Runnin’ (Blue/Clear) (7″)-$11.99
PRESLEY, ELVIS-If I Can Dream-$9.99
QUEEN-Bohemian Rhapsody-$7.99
REDDING, OTIS-Shake-$8.99
ROCKABYE BABY-Lullaby Fleetwood Mac (Blu-$17.99
RONSTADT, LINDA-Silk Purse-$19.99
RUN DMC-Singles Collection (5×7″)-$49.99
SOUNDTRACK – GARDEN STATE-Garden State (2lp/Color)-$36.99
SOUNDTRACK – HIGH FIDELITY-High Fidelity (2lp/Orange)-$29.99
SOUNDTRACK – LOVE & MERCY-Music From Love & Mercy-$19.99
SOUNDTRACK – TRANSFORMERS-Transformers (2lp/Etched)-$39.99
SOUNDTRACK – TRUE DETECTIVE-True Detective (2lp)-$28.99
SEGALL, TY-Ty Rex (Black Vinyl)-$21.99
SEGALL, TY-Ty Rex (Green)-$21.99
SONICS- Fifty (3lp/Book)-$54.99
SPOON-TV Set (10″)-$12.99
STONE SOUR-Straight Outta Burbank-$19.99
SUNN O)))-Kannon (White)-$19.99
SWORD-High Country (2lp/Pic)-$33.99
TEMPLE OF THE DOG-Temple Of The Dog (Purple)-$39.99
TENACIOUS D-Tenacious D Live (180g)-$19.99
VAUGHAN, STEVIE RAY-Legend In The Making (2lp)-$38.99
VITAMIN STRING QUARTET-Modest Mouse: Moon & Antarctica-$17.99
WAY, GERARD-Zero Zero/Television (Pic)-$17.99
WILSON, BRIAN-Brian Wilson: Extended (2lp)-$34.99
WRAY, LINK-Rumble/Swag-$11.99
ZAPPA, FRANK-Feeding The Monkies -$19.99
ZOMBIES-BBC Radio Sessions (2lp)-$32.99

Prices are Newbury Comics’ and are subject to change and all that jazz…. Also, some of these vinyl releases may be Newbury Comics exclusives.  They’ve been releasing a lot of those tasty treats lately.  Visit them at:



  • LONG:D: EP VOL. 1
    LONG:D: EP VOL. 1 Release Date:  11/24/15 Label:  Mirrorball Music LONG:D describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop / ElectronicSoul / Babymakingmusic." I would tend to agree. LONG:D is a duo consisting of 한민세 (Producer, Synth, DJ) and 민샥 (Vocal, Keyboard). They describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop […]
  • D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]
    D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally] Release Date:  11/12/15 Label:  ℗ 2015 (주)에이치메이트 D.HOLIC provide perfect work out music with their contagious new single, "Murphy and Sally." D.Holic's latest single, "머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]" opens with snappy percussion and what sounds like lasers going off in a sci-fi movie. The percussion only grows snappier as […]
  • LEE HONG KI: FM302
    LEE HONG KI: FM302 Release Date:  11/20/15 Label:  FNC Entertainment I was expecting an EP full of ballads after reading the description on Yes Asia but most of the songs are actually catchy pop tracks with only a couple of ballads in the mix. Following nine years in the band FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki is […]
    MONKEY BEATZ: KEEP GOING Release Date:  11/3/15 Label:  YDCT If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit to come out, Monkey Beatz should make you very, very happy in the meantime. If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit album to come out, well, it's apparently been delayed. But if you don't mind listening to […]
  • CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?"
    CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?" Release Date:  11/4/15 Label:  Happy Chii 4TE's Chii makes her solo debut with "WHY DO I?" and it's one of the hottest J-Pop songs in English that we've ever heard. Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I've been very impressed by so […]