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A Well Read Woman Interview of Michael McCarthy

Hi Love is Poppers!

Today the coin has been flipped.  Instead of me interviewing someone, I’m actually the subject of an interview.  The interview was done by April Wood of A Well Read Woman Blog and I talk not only about my books but my music journalism background and Love is Pop, too.  Check it out:

AWRW Interview of Michael Beaulieu, @loveispopdotcom #Author of the Book of Shadows book series, and Reckoning Daze #writetip #authorinterview #bookblog

You’ll notice that I’m referred to as Michael Beaulieu.  As you may know, that’s the pen name I chose for my book-writing career because was taken and the owners — one of those nasty companies that buy up domains so they can re-sell them — wanted a bid of over 2000 dollars for it., however, was available.  Beaulieu is a family name that died off a generation ago when people kept having daughters, leaving no sons to carry on the name.  So, I’m proud to use it for my author endeavors.  I’ll still be known as Michael McCarthy here, however, since that’s the name musicians, publicist, etc, know me by.

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An entertainment journalist for 20 years, Michael McCarthy was a columnist and contributing editor for the magazines Lollipop and LiveWire. He co-created and wrote for Cinezine, one of the '90's most popular movie E-zines. The only time he's not listening to music is when he's watching television shows and movies or reading, usually music magazines.

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