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#songoftheday = KATY PERRY “RISE”

SurpRISE! Katy Perry has released a new single! It's called "Rise" and it's made of awesome! I'm not sure all of her fans will like it though. You see, it's very much in the trip-hop vein. Trippier than "Dark Horse," in fact. That said, it's...
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Skeletonwitch are back, this time accompanied by new frontman Adam Clemans of Wolvhammer fame. And the voice isn't the only thing that's different. While their sound is still heavy as hell, their thrash influence is greater and, more surprisingly, "Well of Despair" finds them at their...
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Boy, this one kicks some ass, doesn't it? The video is great, too. It's about a girl running through the forest with a monster following her and hunters following the monster. To say anything more would be to spoil it. Just turn up the...
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