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The wonderful thing about checking out new music is that sometimes, on rare occasions, you come across something so fantastic that you can’t believe you’ve lived your life so far without it. It’s that whole “where have you been all my life” factor, and that’s precisely how I felt the first time I...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: BOOTS – “I Run Roulette”

If you miss the days of '90's club music, you're going to rejoice when you hear this one. Massive, jumpy beats that call to mind old school techno merge with trip-hop percussion on speed; it's an audible Frankenstein's monster, comprised of the best bits of so many...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: BOSCO: BOY

Bosco hails from Atlanta and was discovered by A-Trak. This EP, BOY, was just released on June 2nd. And, boy, it’s quite intoxicating. Listening to its opening track, “Gold Ghost,” I truly feel like I’m high on something. It worms its way into your brain and stimulates it in just the right way...
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Chungking released their much-praised debut album We Travel Fast way back in 2003. Their 2007 album Stay Up Forever is a veritable electronica-meets-trip-hop masterpiece. During more recent years the Brighton-based trio — Jessie Banks, Sean Hennessy and Ben Townsend — have worked with Richard X and WARP Records’ Jamie Lidell. Perhaps more impressive...
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