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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: Mylène Farmer: INTERSTELLAIRES

In 2010 Mylène Farmer, the most popular French artist in the world, surprised fans when she released her first album without longtime collaborator Laurent Boutonnat, Bleu Noir. Her formula with Boutonnat was simple: Laurent wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics. At least that’s how the credits read. I should think there...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: SINDY: SELFIE

BACKGROUND: French singer Sindy is a member of a collective called Team BS, which was started by a highly successful French rapper/producer who goes by the name La Fouine. The group is called Team BS because the name of La Fouine’s record label is Banlieue Sale (translation: Dirty Suburb). Most of the team...
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Yes, the most exciting music rumor so far this year is true: Ireland’s most legendary band, The Corrs, are back!  As in, the hugely popular and highly successful family band are making a new album and planning to tour!  That’s all that is known as of yet, so I thought I’d give you...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: STROMAE: “CARMEN”

"Carmen" is French artist Stromae's latest single from his excellent album Racine carrée. It is a "tribute" to Twitter and our consumption of tweets. (He even has a crazy blue Twitter bird following him around throughout the video.)...
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I am very excited to tell you about French singer/songwriter Petite Meller's fabulous new single (and video), "Baby Love." Although she's yet to release a full-length album, to me it feels like Meller has already released a few because each single she releases is like a special...
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review and interview by Michael McCarthy previously published on OtakuDX Before we get to our interview with J-Pop’s future stars 4TE, I wanted to present a review of their wonderful double A-side MORE / 一歩ずつ… 4TE — pronounced Forte/for-tay — is a red hot new Japanese pop group based out of the U.S....
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Ysa Ferrer is an artist who half of our readers have likely never heard of while the other half are undoubtedly quite familiar with her. If you live in the States — where we’re based — then you’re probably not familiar with her. But if you live in Europe, she’s practically a household...
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Jolin Tsai is arguably the queen of Chinese pop, though I'd say that Elva Hsaio and Coco Lee are right behind her. In any case, she's a massive diva releasing one hit album after another for at least ten years now. Here, fresh, modern beats that...
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  • LONG:D: EP VOL. 1
    LONG:D: EP VOL. 1 Release Date:  11/24/15 Label:  Mirrorball Music LONG:D describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop / ElectronicSoul / Babymakingmusic." I would tend to agree. LONG:D is a duo consisting of 한민세 (Producer, Synth, DJ) and 민샥 (Vocal, Keyboard). They describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop […]
  • D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]
    D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally] Release Date:  11/12/15 Label:  ℗ 2015 (주)에이치메이트 D.HOLIC provide perfect work out music with their contagious new single, "Murphy and Sally." D.Holic's latest single, "머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]" opens with snappy percussion and what sounds like lasers going off in a sci-fi movie. The percussion only grows snappier as […]
  • LEE HONG KI: FM302
    LEE HONG KI: FM302 Release Date:  11/20/15 Label:  FNC Entertainment I was expecting an EP full of ballads after reading the description on Yes Asia but most of the songs are actually catchy pop tracks with only a couple of ballads in the mix. Following nine years in the band FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki is […]
    MONKEY BEATZ: KEEP GOING Release Date:  11/3/15 Label:  YDCT If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit to come out, Monkey Beatz should make you very, very happy in the meantime. If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit album to come out, well, it's apparently been delayed. But if you don't mind listening to […]
  • CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?"
    CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?" Release Date:  11/4/15 Label:  Happy Chii 4TE's Chii makes her solo debut with "WHY DO I?" and it's one of the hottest J-Pop songs in English that we've ever heard. Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I've been very impressed by so […]