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If I had heard Milo Greene’s 2012 debut, which is said to have been folk pop, then I probably wouldn’t like this album. At least that’s the impression I’ve arrived at after reading several reviews. The big complaint comes from people who loved the band’s first album, who are having a fit about...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: SWEET & LYNCH: ONLY TO RISE

Stryper’s powerhouse vocalist Michael Sweet and guitar maestro George Lynch, formerly of Dokken, have joined forces here and the result is a truly incredible album that’s better than anything either of them has done in quite a while. Not that either of them have put out bad music during recent years, mind you....
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Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive metal/rock band created by frontman, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw, who also plays lute, bass, keyboards and mandolin. Some fans would tell you that the band was born when Gildenlöw started his first band in 1984, but the band was called Reality at the time and...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: KAIPA: SATTYG

Kaipa, a Swedish prog/folk/rock group, was originally called Ura Kaipa way back in 1973, but Wiki gives one the impression that they broke up circa 1982 and only reunited in 2000.  Sattyg is their thirteenth studio album, the name being Swedish for diablerie, which Google gives two definitions for.  One is “reckless mischief; charismatic wildness”...
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  • SUMIRE UESAKA: 閻魔大王に訊いてごらん (Enma Daio ni Kiite Goran)
    SUMIRE UESAKA: 閻魔大王に訊いてごらん (Enma Daio ni Kiite Goran) Release Date:  12/10/14 Label:  King Records Sumire unleashes anime theme song and it's awesome. Sumire Uesaka's recent single is the theme song for an anime but neither Yes Asia or CD Japan stated the name of the anime in English. So, I translated the product info with […]
    MYNAME: 2ND MINI ALBUM Release Date:  2/16/15 Label:  Loen Entertainment MYNAME have finally released new Korean music after spending a year in Japan. It comes in the form of their 2ND MINI ALBUM, as they've simply called it, and it's proof pudding (as the saying goes) that they're here to stay. Not only that, they're […]
  • G.E.M.: 多遠都要在一起 [Long Distance]
    G.E.M.: 多遠都要在一起 [Long Distance] Release Date:  2/18/15 Label:  Sony Music Entertainment G.E.M.'s gorgeous new single 多遠都要在一起 [Long Distance] reviewed. Video and Spotify links provided. Check it out if you love ballads. G.E.M.'s new single, "多遠都要在一起," is officially translated on its Youtube page as "Long Distance." (See player below.) It's a very emotive and heartfelt ballad […]
  • G.E.M. - XPOSED
    G.E.M. - XPOSED Release Date:  7/17/12 Label:  Sony Music Entertainment G.E.M. is one of China's biggest pop stars of all-time. In fact, she's hugely popular all around the world, even in New Zealand. If you're not familiar with her, please read this review and consider checking her out. This album would get five stars out […]
    RIKA MAYAMA: LIAR MASK Release Date:  11/26/14 Label:  Defstar Records Rika Mayama of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku finally goes at it alone with her first solo single, "Liar Mask," which is the theme song for the anime Akame ga KILL! And, wow, it is mighty impressive. Rika Mayama of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku finally goes at it […]