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#songoftheday / VIDEO: Jamie xx – “Girl”

The xx are known for some fairly dark music, but Jamie xx's new solo tune, "Girl," is a much brighter affair with its chugging bass and shiny synth. It begins very much in the electro-pop vein and quickly morphs into synth pop before it surrenders to a...
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The UK’s Bat and Ball are an immensely-talented outfit with co-lead vocalists Abi and Chris Sinclair hailing from West Country. While the two began writing and performing with various bands in their early teens, they never actually played in a band together until they both moved to London to study at Goldsmiths College,...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: KATY B: “STILL”

This luscious ballad begins with Katy B singing softly over melancholic piano notes. "I still see your face like it was only yesterday," she sings, her voice full of longing. Once it arrives at the chorus, a sticky electro-beat beat begins throbbing away accompanied rhythmic live...
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We're not sure what we think about the above video -- probably because Mike is having horrible headaches and severe eye pain lately -- but the song is undeniably catchy with its soulful vocals, intriguing guitars and faint but warm synth, along with bass that alternates between funky...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: CLIENT: “REFUGE”

CLIENT has returned! Maybe you don't know who they are. There's Wikipedia for that. What we're prepared to tell you is that new singer Client N brings new life to the group, igniting it with a spark not unlike that of Ladytron's Marnie. And...
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Following the release of her super hot and steamy video for “Sexercise,” Kylie Minogue has now launched, which features several different videos for the bounce, bounce, bouncy song that’s sure to have gym memberships on the rise already. was created by Chandelier Creative, a New York City based creative agency founded...
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#songoftheday SIA: “CHANDELIER”

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier,” Sia sings enthusiastically during the massive chorus of her new single, “Chandelier,” which is without a doubt the best song she’s written during the past few years, which have seen her writing songs for a myriad of other artists with her solo career on pause.  We’ll be...
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#albumoftheday EEMIA: SHY

Pop singer/songwriter Eemia is from the small town of Clitheroe in the North-West of England. When she was only 18 she moved to London and began working with various other writers and producers. In 2012 she performed at the Olympic Village, singing for the athletes throughout the Summer Olympics. She also worked as...
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  • moumoon: JEWEL
    moumoon: JEWEL Release Date:  4/14 Label:  Avex moumoon release yet another bright and shiny gem to be adored... Just when you're feeling glum... moumoon reappear with a bright and shiny song to cheer you the fuck up. Seriously, a song couldn't possibly be more cheerful than this. And, you know what? It's awsome. Frackin' awesome. Musical
    KEN HIRAI FEAT. NAMIE AMURO: GROTESQUE Release Date:  4/2/14 Label:  Sony Music Ken Hirai and Namie Amuro team up for a truly weird but highly addictive new tune... Well, well, well... This "Grotesque" song is an interesting one. A bit weird, even. It starts off with Ken singing over hip-hop-ish/electro beats, the last line of his verse being
  • NS YOON-G: THE WAY 2..
    NS YOON-G: THE WAY 2.. Release Date:  4/3/14 Label:  Loen Entertainment I checked out the video for "Yasisi" ("야시시") and immediately fell in love with it. One of my longtime readers suggested that I check out this mini-album and I'm quite glad because I hadn't heard about it. Well, OK, I *am* subscribed to 1theK's channel o
  • HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms]
    HIGH4 & IU: 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms] Release Date:  4/7/14 Label:  Loen Music To be honest, I'm on the fence about this one. It's got some nice, soothing strings and IU sounds beautiful as always, and I think the guys sound lovely, too, but the song is missing something. Well, this one caught me by surprise. For a few r
    SHOKO NAKAGAWA: 9LIVES Release Date:  4/2/14 Label:  SRCL You might expect an album with songs that were used for so many different things to sound rather unfocused, since many of the songs were created for various different projects, not specifically to go together. But you would be wrong in this case. It's been three and a half years since Shoko'