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"Nothing to regret / Nothing to prove," goes CHVRCHES new single "Empty Threat," a song which anyone who has bought their sophomore album Every Open Eye can tell you is brilliant. The verses are catchier than the choruses of most pop songs. And the chorus is,...
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Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I've been very impressed by so far and I expect that I'll continue to be. To that end, I'm really, really hoping they'll release a full-length album soon. Their music is one of the best...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: DALEA: SPEED RACER

From 2009 to 2013 Dalea was the lead singer/founder of Quimera Music, a symphonic rock band. Now solo, she has changed gears and shifted into the realm of pop. Her new single, "Speed Racer," is a delicious mix of electro and synth pop with a very...
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Doe Paoro is one of the most unique artists I’ve ever come across. When you listen to her spellbinding new album, After, you feel as though you’re listening to music from another world. Or from the future. Probably both. Although familiar instruments make up her sound, you’ve never heard them blended together quite...
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I was born in ’70’s and grew up in the ’80’s with a fondness for synthy pop like the Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and so many others. Practically every song on the radio relied heavily on sythesizers. It was wonderful. Even when my beloved heavy metal bands (now called hair metal)...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: PHASES: FOR LIFE

PHASES. Remember that name. Because, simply put, they’re the best new synthy pop band to come along since CHVRCHES. In fact, they’re easily as brilliant as CHVRCHES. No kidding or exaggerating. Perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise, though, being that they’re essentially a supergroup, as three of their members have previously found fame...
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It’s 2015 and Duran Duran currently consists of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor. The only member of the classic line-up who is not present is Andy Taylor, who has had nothing to do with Duran Duran since 2004’s criminally under-rated Astronaut album. Duran Duran’s last album was 2010’s...
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A year and a half ago, Painted Palms released their wonderful debut, Forever, which was an album full of diverse songs, which seemed to draw inspiration from such artists as Passion Pit, Best Coast, The Beach Boys and Of Montreal. On their new album, Horizons, it’s not so easy to discern their influences,...
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  • LONG:D: EP VOL. 1
    LONG:D: EP VOL. 1 Release Date:  11/24/15 Label:  Mirrorball Music LONG:D describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop / ElectronicSoul / Babymakingmusic." I would tend to agree. LONG:D is a duo consisting of 한민세 (Producer, Synth, DJ) and 민샥 (Vocal, Keyboard). They describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop […]
  • D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]
    D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally] Release Date:  11/12/15 Label:  ℗ 2015 (주)에이치메이트 D.HOLIC provide perfect work out music with their contagious new single, "Murphy and Sally." D.Holic's latest single, "머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]" opens with snappy percussion and what sounds like lasers going off in a sci-fi movie. The percussion only grows snappier as […]
  • LEE HONG KI: FM302
    LEE HONG KI: FM302 Release Date:  11/20/15 Label:  FNC Entertainment I was expecting an EP full of ballads after reading the description on Yes Asia but most of the songs are actually catchy pop tracks with only a couple of ballads in the mix. Following nine years in the band FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki is […]
    MONKEY BEATZ: KEEP GOING Release Date:  11/3/15 Label:  YDCT If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit to come out, Monkey Beatz should make you very, very happy in the meantime. If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit album to come out, well, it's apparently been delayed. But if you don't mind listening to […]
  • CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?"
    CHII (OF 4TE): "WHY DO I?" Release Date:  11/4/15 Label:  Happy Chii 4TE's Chii makes her solo debut with "WHY DO I?" and it's one of the hottest J-Pop songs in English that we've ever heard. Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I've been very impressed by so […]