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#songoftheday / REVIEW: CHAIRLIFT: “CH-CHING”

Chairlift, the duo known as Patrick Wimberly and Caroline Polachek, worked on Beyoncé's last album, Polachek writing and co-producing with Wimberly the R&B number, "No Angel." So, it should come as no surprise that their new single, "Ch-Ching" falls in the R&B vein. It's like...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: ALXA: “LET GO”

Powerhouse singer/songwriter ALXA might only be 20 years old, but her voice and lyrics have the maturity of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.  And not just the maturity, that passion and pain both emoted perfectly.  But ALXA is not a jazz singer.  Not exactly.  Likewise, she isn’t a soul or R&B singer, but there are...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: SINDY: SELFIE

BACKGROUND: French singer Sindy is a member of a collective called Team BS, which was started by a highly successful French rapper/producer who goes by the name La Fouine. The group is called Team BS because the name of La Fouine’s record label is Banlieue Sale (translation: Dirty Suburb). Most of the team...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: BOOTS – “I Run Roulette”

If you miss the days of '90's club music, you're going to rejoice when you hear this one. Massive, jumpy beats that call to mind old school techno merge with trip-hop percussion on speed; it's an audible Frankenstein's monster, comprised of the best bits of so many...
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I was born in ’70’s and grew up in the ’80’s with a fondness for synthy pop like the Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and so many others. Practically every song on the radio relied heavily on sythesizers. It was wonderful. Even when my beloved heavy metal bands (now called hair metal)...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: PHASES: FOR LIFE

PHASES. Remember that name. Because, simply put, they’re the best new synthy pop band to come along since CHVRCHES. In fact, they’re easily as brilliant as CHVRCHES. No kidding or exaggerating. Perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise, though, being that they’re essentially a supergroup, as three of their members have previously found fame...
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