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An Exclusive Interview with Molly Moore

interview by Michael McCarthy In a perfect world, Molly Moore would need no introduction. Her elegant pop songs are a perfect mix of both catchy, mainstream and pensive, artsy pop. At her core, Molly is a singer/songwriter. It just so happens that her songs are exquisitely produced pop. Well, most of them. Her...
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#songoftheday = BAT and BALL: “CRUEL CATS”

We love Bat and Ball so much we interviewed them twice back in 2014. Then they kind of vanished for a little while there. Now they're back with "Cruel Cats," an exquisitely produced new single that's ripe for the picking. With beats that clobber and...
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An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Shapiro

Back in June, Brooklyn-based piano composer Andrew Shapiro released his third piano album, appropriately entitled Piano 3. (Perhaps you are one of the six million people who streamed his song “Mint Green” – from his 2008 debut, Numbers, Colors and People – on Pandora?) That he was releasing another piano album was hardly...
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#songoftheday = KATY PERRY “RISE”

SurpRISE! Katy Perry has released a new single! It's called "Rise" and it's made of awesome! I'm not sure all of her fans will like it though. You see, it's very much in the trip-hop vein. Trippier than "Dark Horse," in fact. That said, it's...
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An Exclusive Interview with Mallrat

I was recently introduced to the music of Mallrat, a really cool young woman hailing from Australia. She immediately reminded me of Lily Allen, who’s one of my top ten artists of all time, so naturally I fell in love with her music and had to inquire about interviewing her. As you can...
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Well, prepare to have your mind blown by BANKS once again. Her new single has arrived and it's called "Fuck With Myself" and it is a scorcher. Like the Bo Rocha song I posted earlier today, it walks a fine line between pop and R&B but...
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#songoftheday = Bo Rocha: “ENOUGH FOR YOU”

Bo Rocha will release a new 4-track EP entitled Hold My Gaze on 9th September 2016 via Bait and Switch Records. In the meantime, your summer is going to sizzle with her just released new single "Enough For You." The mix of its hard-driving beats...
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CATCHING UP, VERSION 1.0: Róisín Murphy, Trick or Treat, Butch Walker, T.O.L.D., Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hitomi Yaida

by Michael McCarthy, editor/publisher As I mentioned in my letter from the editor, my focus at this point is on interviews, something I think I’m much better at than writing reviews anyway. When I’m not doing interviews I’ll be hard at work writing books; being an author of fiction and non-fiction has always...
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interview by Michael McCarthy If the sound of Kristin Kontrol’s voice seems familiar to you, there’s probably a very good reason for that.  You see, prior to going solo, Kristin was Dee Dee, lead singer/songwriter of the popular rock band Dum Dum Girls.  More recently, she decided to go back to using her...
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by Michael McCarthy Back in 2011 sister duo Puro Instinct rolled into town and played Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts, which is considered part of greater Boston. I remember only hearing that they’d been to town after the fact and being really disappointed that I hadn’t known about it, as I would have...
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