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#songoftheday = LUKE FAAS: “WHY BOTHER”

"Why Bother" is the second single from Luke Faas, a 23-year-old Norwegian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. It follows his debut single, "Should've Seen It." At first, the lyrics of the punchy, seductive, electro-soul "Why Bother" might sound apathetic, like a depressed person not wanting to bother...
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#songoftheday = Lily McQueen “Chasing Your Love”

Massive, pulsating beats that nod to the pop of the '80's make Lily McQueen's fantastic new single, "Chasing Your Love," both powerful as gunshots and as addictive as nicotine gum. She's so cool that she'll frost up your headphones in spite of the fact that her vocals...
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#songoftheday = GOLDFRAPP: “SYSTEMAGIC”

It's Goldfrapp so, of course, it's good. No, it's better than good. It's fan-fucking-tastic. Let its throbbing beats overcome you and move your body as the dancers do in the red hot video. Or at least getup and dance. It's a sin to...
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interview by Michael McCarthy When Sam Levin’s album Frame of Mind was sent to me by his publicist it was recommended if you like The Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Bon Iver, Bahamas and Jose Gonzales. Naturally, with an impressive list like that, I had to give...
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If you're celebrating 420 today, or simply like mature but irresistible pop music, you're in for a veritable treat with Bostonian Adam Jensen's intoxicating new gem, "Marijuana Breath." "So kiss me with your marijuana breath / I can be a cure for loneliness," he sings, like he's...
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#songoftheday = PARAMORE: HARD TIMES”

After a couple of mainstream pop radio hits with their previous and self-titled album, anyone could have predicted that Paramore's first single from their new album After Laughter would be tailored for radio. Well, that's exactly what we've got here: Paramore with a lovely pop melody,...
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#songoftheday = SAM LEVIN: “HIDE AND SEEK”

"Hide and Seek" by Sam Levin is a wonderful folk-tronic tune that mixes acoustic guitars and electronic beats with vocals that split the difference between pop and folk. There's a playful element to the song that reminds me of Ben Lee's music. I'm also reminded of...
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interview by Michael McCarthy My introduction to Maximo Park was an unusual one. I was – and am – a big Natalie Imbruglia fan and there was an mp3 of this new band called Maximo Park covering her song “Shiver” on one of the fan sites. I almost didn’t download it because I...
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#songoftheday = FAKE SHARK: “HEART 2 HEART”

Fake Shark is the new project from frontman Kevvy Mental, who has produced for Carly Rae Jepsen and Kat Von D, among others. "Heart 2 Heart" hails from the pop rock band's upcoming full-length album, Faux real, which is due out on May 26th via Light Organ...
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#songoftheday = ELOHIM: “SKINNY LEGS”

It takes a good minute before Elohim starts singing on her new track, "Skinny Legs," but it's such an electronic voyage that you won't really mind. Sure, it gets better when she adds her vocals, but it's just fine leading up to them. I'll admit this...
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#songoftheday: GIGI ROWE: “COVER ME UP”

Just when you thought Gigi Rowe was only good for retro-tastic, dance-pop magic, she pulls a bright, shiny love dove out of her hat, surprising us all. I had no doubt that she was capable producing a touching ballad, having interviewed her last December and gotten to...
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Today Lana Del Rey announced that her forthcoming album will be titled Lust for Life.  Like the Iggy Pop song!  Surely, that’s got to be a nod to Iggy.  Everyone knows that song.  There’s no way Lana just came up with that on her own without knowing about the Iggy Pop song. Here’s...
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