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The fans have tirelessly asked for it and now it’s finally happening, the legendary heavy metal band TNT are reuniting with original lead vocalist Tony Harnell. During recent years, TNT has released several albums without Harnell, his replacement vocalist being Tony Mills.  While that material was still better than your average metal, it...
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An Exclusive Interview with David Reece of Bonfire

interview by Michael McCarthy Currently, the lead singer of the famous German heavy metal/melodic rock band Bonfire, David Reece is no stranger to the scene. He first shot to fame in 1989 when he replaced Udo Dirkschneider as the lead singer of another German metal band, Accept. He was only with Accept for...
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There are albums that are difficult to wrap your head around and there are albums that are impossible to wrap your head around. I thought the album Triangle by Switzerland’s Schammasch was going to be the latter after reading the press release, which points out that it’s 100 minutes long, a triple album...
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An Exclusive Interview with Swan of BlackRain

interview by Michael McCarthy all photos by Dean Karr One of the perks of doing Love is Pop is that I sometimes come to hear awesome artists that I never would have found on my own. Here’s the story of how I came to know and love the French rock band BlackRain, who...
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If I’m understanding Wiki correctly, Bonfire’s longtime singer Claus Lessmann left the band in January of 2015 with a few of the other members leaving around that time as well. Currently, it would seem that the only original member left in the band is guitarist Hans Ziller, who controls the name Bonfire. I...
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BABYMETAL’s new album, Metal Resistance, was released here in the States on April 1st, the same date it was released in Japan.  I have written an in-depth review of the album for our sister site, OtakuDX.  You can read the review here:
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#songoftheday = Circus Maximus – “Remember”

Circus Maximus' "Remember" is one of the best blends of modern rock and old school metal I've ever heard. Just dig the super modern guitars of the verses and chorus then cheer on the old school metal solo; fantastic! Here's one that can be played on...
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