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#songoftheday = AUNI: “THE RIVER”

With all of the different ways to discover new music these days, it's not very hard to find a great song. Finding one so beautiful that it gives you goosebumps, however, can be rather difficult. Well, that's exactly what we have here today with Auni's ethereal...
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#songoftheday = SAM LEVIN: “HIDE AND SEEK”

"Hide and Seek" by Sam Levin is a wonderful folk-tronic tune that mixes acoustic guitars and electronic beats with vocals that split the difference between pop and folk. There's a playful element to the song that reminds me of Ben Lee's music. I'm also reminded of...
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interview by Michael McCarthy On October 21st folk rockers Streets of Laredo will release their sophomore album, WILD, via Dine Alone Records. The album is a spectacular set of tunes rich in kaleidoscopic color with lyrics that are inspiring as they inspired. With several different percussive instruments, horns, bass, electric and acoustic guitars...
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#songoftheday = KT TUNSTALL: “EVIL EYE”

We last heard from singer/songwriter KT Tunstall in the form of her Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon album, which was a haunting and delicate, folky affair. Her latest single, "Evil Eye," is perhaps best described as pop. Irresistible pop that'll surely brighten your day and make...
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We previously interviewed the insanely talented Polly Scattergood in January of 2014 after naming her electro-pop masterpiece Arrows our Best Album of 2013.  Now she’s back but this time she’s delivered something that’s practically the exact opposite of Arrows, onDeadWaves, a very organic sounding, psychedelic folk record made as a duo with James...
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An Exclusive Interview with Norwegian Singer/Songwriter BELLMAN

Our readers in the U.S. might not have heard of Norwegian singer/songwriter Bellman yet, but in some parts of the world he is a very big deal. He released his critically acclaimed debut album, Mainly Mute, in 2009 and had his first big hit single with an uplifting song called, “Spaceship Move Slow”...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lena Laki

interview by Michael McCarthy I was recently introduced to the music of London-based singer/songwriter Lena Laki, whose magical music is dreamy folk but with a hint of jazz elegance. Her debut EP, Take Me With, opens with a song called “Another Woman” and it’s easy to imagine Nina Simone singing it back in...
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An Exclusive Interview with Kavus Torabi of Knifeworld

interview by Michael McCarthy Have you ever seen a magic show by one of the masters – like David Copperfield – and swore it was real? Well, I saw Copperfield perform a few decades ago and still can’t fathom how he did anything that night. The finale is the illusion that especially boggles...
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