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The name Made of Oak might not ring a bell. You may not even recognize the real name of the man who’s so named himself, Nick Sanborn. But if you’re an electronic pop music fan, or just a fan of electronic music in general, then the name of his full-time gig surely will,...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: BOSCO: BOY

Bosco hails from Atlanta and was discovered by A-Trak. This EP, BOY, was just released on June 2nd. And, boy, it’s quite intoxicating. Listening to its opening track, “Gold Ghost,” I truly feel like I’m high on something. It worms its way into your brain and stimulates it in just the right way...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: The Ready Set – “Fangz”

And now for something completely different... A slamming, electro-pop gem from The Ready Set. No, we didn't exactly see it coming either. "Fangz," as it's called, is a better EDM track than anything on David Guetta's latest album. OK, so it's not quite EDM,...
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Mystery Skulls is the stage name of Luis Dubuc, an insanely-talented, self-taught electronic artist from Dallas — currently based in LA — who writes, produces and sings his own songs. At the moment, he’s the electronic artist du jour with his song “Ghost” having skyrocketed to number eight on the iTunes electronic music...
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    KAGEYAMA RISA: NIGHTINGALE & PINA COLADA Release Date:  11/11 and 11/25 Label:  Ace Music, exp. Kageyama Risa recently released not one but two EPs. One is enka, one is futuristic electronica. Both are reviewed here. On November 11th, one of J-Pop's most busy bees, Kageyama Risa, released an exceptional EP called Nightingale via Ace Music, […]
  • LONG:D: EP VOL. 1
    LONG:D: EP VOL. 1 Release Date:  11/24/15 Label:  Mirrorball Music LONG:D describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop / ElectronicSoul / Babymakingmusic." I would tend to agree. LONG:D is a duo consisting of 한민세 (Producer, Synth, DJ) and 민샥 (Vocal, Keyboard). They describe their sound on Facebook as such: "SF / Synthpop […]
  • D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]
    D.HOLIC:머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally] Release Date:  11/12/15 Label:  ℗ 2015 (주)에이치메이트 D.HOLIC provide perfect work out music with their contagious new single, "Murphy and Sally." D.Holic's latest single, "머피와 샐리 [Murphy and Sally]" opens with snappy percussion and what sounds like lasers going off in a sci-fi movie. The percussion only grows snappier as […]
  • LEE HONG KI: FM302
    LEE HONG KI: FM302 Release Date:  11/20/15 Label:  FNC Entertainment I was expecting an EP full of ballads after reading the description on Yes Asia but most of the songs are actually catchy pop tracks with only a couple of ballads in the mix. Following nine years in the band FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki is […]
    MONKEY BEATZ: KEEP GOING Release Date:  11/3/15 Label:  YDCT If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit to come out, Monkey Beatz should make you very, very happy in the meantime. If you're itching for the new Limp Bizkit album to come out, well, it's apparently been delayed. But if you don't mind listening to […]