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VIDEO: Belle and Sebastian – “The Party Line”

Why yes, the rumors are true... Bell and Sebastian have gone disco! Oh, the horror! Actually, it's a glorious tune. From the funky bass guitar to the invigorating percussion and the flourishes of radiant synth, everything about this song is perfect. We're not sure...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: FIRST AID KIT: “AMERICA”

The idea of anyone covering Simon and Garfunkel probably makes you yawn, but this rendition of "America" by First Aid Kit is quite the touching tribute, their voices and gentle acoustic guitars the equivalent of a warm blanket on a freezing winter's night. It's super mellow, devoid...
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SINGLE SPOTLIGHT / VIDEO: Lionface – “Stronger”

"Stronger" is written from the perspective of Lionface's grandmother; her grandfather was murdered, so it's about finding the strength to carry on in the face of such great lost. An emotive and contagious song that seeps into your head, tickling your brain, as it touches your heart....
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God bless Antony Hegarty because I don’t think there’s another artist alive today who bares his soul quite like he does, laying himself entirely vulnerable during his songs to a point that you almost fear he’s going to have a breakdown on stage as you listen to this new live album. Of course,...
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I’ve often felt sorry for The Ting Tings.  Their debut album, We Started Nothing, was a big sensation.  Magazines, blogs, late night TV shows — they were everywhere.  Their music had a universal appeal; it was artistic enough to please indie pop fans yet immediately catchy enough to please the bubble gum pop...
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