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Ladies and gentlemen, assholes and assclowns, the moment has arrived… Die Antwoord’s new mixtape, Suck On This, has dropped and it’s a fucking riot.  Great beats, too.  Head on over to their new website and download your copy now or be square:  Or if your hard drive is full of porn and you...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: ZELOOPERZ: BOTHIC

Detroit rapper ZelooperZ — who was born in the 313 and still resides there — is part of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade.  Interestingly, they connected via Twitter when the 6’7″ ZelooperZ was promoting a mixtape like crazy and Brown took notice.  But before Brown took him into the studio he gave him a proper...
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An Exclusive Interview with HXLT, Formerly Hollywood Holt

HXLT is how Chicago’s eclectic musician Holt is spelling his name these days. The reason why is one of the few things I didn’t think to ask him about, but I imagine it’s to make you wonder how it’s supposed to be said, to get you thinking, to ultimately make you remember it....
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