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Monthly Archives: March 2018

#songoftheday / #amlistening = STRYPER: “SORRY”

First, Stryper utilized a little death metal style vocals on "Take It It The Cross," now they're doing thrash riffs during the verses on their new single, "Sorry."  These are good things, though!  I know some fans just want a To Hell with The Devil sequel,...
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#songoftheday = FREEDOM FRY – “CLASSIC”

International duo Freedom Fry's "Classic" is one of those wonderful, feel-good songs that just about anyone can fall in love with.  I understand they consider themselves alt-folk, but to me, they sound like pop that just so happens to have folk elements.  Very impressive pop, though.  The...
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  • Bluefin Details Exclusive Products and Collectibles for Wondercon 2018
    Visit Bluefin during WonderCon 2018 at Booth #1037
  • Gipsy Danger
    Soul of Chogokin P3162920.jpg Gipsy Danger identifies as "Soul of Chogokin" and if that is it's preference we have to respect that. Read More...
  • Mei
    Nendoroid 08.jpg Our world is worth fighting for!
  • Battle Robo
    Machine Robo P2121885.jpg Battle Robo is ready to kick your ass. Read More...
  • Quake
    Generations Titans Return Transformers quakeclose.jpg Quake has served as a pretty pleasant surprise to me. Read More...